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Guidance on using DigBig and frequently asked questions:

What is DigBig?

The problem: Long Web addresses (URLs) are difficult to remember and say, and become broken when sent by email.

The solution: DigBig shortens the long address to overcome these problems.

How does it work?

Three simple steps:

  1. You paste a Web address into the DigBig box and click the button

  2. DigBig converts it into a much shorter version

  3. You copy the new short address and use it instead of the long one

When someone visits the short address, DigBig converts it back to the original one, and send the visitor to that original Web page.

Can you provide an example?

This long URL (152 characters) ...


... is shortened to just 22 characters ...


What is inappropriate use?

This service is provided for work-related uses.

It is not to be used to shorten URLs for the following:

  1. URLs included in spam mailings

  2. Adult-only sites

  3. 'Get rich quick' schemes or home-based businesses

  4. Click generators for online gaming

  5. Non work-related purposes

  6. URLs already shortened by other URL-shortening services

  7. URLs pointing to 'holding' pages (e.g. 'Under construction', 'Coming soon')

Upon notification of abuse we will disable the shortened URL immediately and it will no longer work.

So, if you are at all unsure if your use of the system is appropriate or not, then please contact us first.

Who provides the service?

DigBig is operated by Willco Limited, an information-industry online community hosting and publishing company established in 1996 and based in the UK.

Why is my IP Address tracked?

Your IP address -- the unique number your computer has when it connects to the Internet -- is stored when you create a shortened URL. This is for security reasons so that we can track abuse of the service.

Do links expire?

No. We do not expire old links

Do users see a transition page when visiting a short URL?

No. When someone visits your shortened URL they will not see a transition page first.

Is the shortened URL private?

No. Shortened URLs are not private and someone could easily guess your shortened address. Therefore, do not use shortened URLs to link to sensitive/private content.

Can the shortened URL point to an intranet page?

Yes, URLs which point to intranet pages (which require a login) should work, as long as the visitor can access the destination page on your intranet. If they do not have permission then they will probably receive an error message from your intranet security system saying that they do not have permission to view the page.

Terms of Use

This service is provided and made available on an AS IS basis by Willco Limited. Willco makes no warranty to any aspect of this service.

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